Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Catch of the Day

I always say that the worst time to live in Western Pennsylvania is the long stretch between Valentine’s Day and the end of March. I think that’s why I took up skiing—to distract myself from the bitter cold temperatures and perpetually gray skies. That and the fact my husband would probably leave me if I didn’t ski. He really loves it.

I have officially had it with the snow. Today I had another vehicular brush with death due to icy roads, which prompted me to get on the horn and order some new tires. Nothing like a good scare to loosen your purse strings! Now the quilted Burberry coat I had my eye on will have to wait, but at least I will be alive to wear it when I get around to making the purchase.

I have been ridiculously thirsty lately, which has convinced the hypochondriac in me that I am developing Type II Diabetes. Instead of quenching this thirst with something sensible like water, I decided to drive through McDonald’s for a Diet Coke today. When I pulled up to make my order, I noticed an advertising campaign for their new Cod Filet Sandwich. When I saw the sign, I started laughing so hard I could barely ask for my drink. Why? A few years ago, someone told me that the “Cod” was not an actual breed of fish. They explained that “Cod” stood for “catch of the day,” so when I saw that on a menu, it really meant whatever random fish was on special. This explanation seemed legit to me and I believed it for many, many years until Mister Ferguson ordered it at a restaurant and I informed him that he should really clarify the actual breed of fish with the server before ordering. To this day, I don’t remember who told me that and also if they were joking or believed it themselves.

You may be wondering when the winner of the Loova basket will be announced and the answer is tomorrow! If you want to enter, you have one more day!

I’m sorry for the lack of blog posts this past week. I have no excuse other than I haven’t really been inspired to write anything and also have been busy developing Diabetes (not really). Anyway, I missed you all terribly and promise to do better this week.

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