Thursday, August 7, 2008

tiddy in the city

tiddy woke up today with a song in her heart! i felt alive, in love and full of energy. unfortunately, that didn't last long. the song ended around the time i got into my car to leave for work, so i decided to drive through starbucks to keep the party going. i ordered a MEDIUM coffee (i refuse to speak their stupid language and say venti--this is america), drove up to the window and paid. right after i got my change back, i drove away without the coffee. i didn't realize this occurred until i was almost out of the parking lot. wwtfd (what would tiddy ferguson do), you ask? i drove straight to a-plus and got a big ass coffee. sometimes, i just don't know where my head is.

but tonight, tonight, tonight! i am so excited because i am going out on the town with my long time buddy dj WOW and his beautiful fiance tara nassup. now, i'm not saying tiddy ferguson doesn't have it going on. i don't think anyone can deny my VIP status at dream nails, little tokyo (best sushi in town) or the mt lebanon saloon. but when it comes to hanging out with pittsburgh glitterati such as dj WOW and miss nassup, hitting the city is a treat. i never pay a cover and once i got a coors light for FREE!

i just got an update from mister ferguson and he will be back from london on saturday afternoon! hopefully he brought me some tea and scrumpets!


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DJ Wow said...

"tiddy in the city"....should have read "shitty in the city"...DJ Wow and his entourage had the pleasure of hanging with the T-dub in the south-sizzle last things began to pick up, and the red bull started to kick in, Tiddy declared "I feel like I'm about to give birth to a turd"....a cab was immediately hailed, and the night came to an abrupt halt...Tiddy composed herself in the cab, and pulled the old "fetal position trick" to cut off any potential Tiddy exited her vehicle, she glanced back with a grimace on her face and gave one last the cab turned around in the Ferguson driveway with the windows down, a loud yelp was heard eminating from the Ferguson our night had just ended, it appears as if Tiddy's had just begun....