Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Beach Bum

I'm on my third day of vacation and I am happy to report that I have worn a two piece every day. Thanks for voting--a whopping 100% of you opted for the bikini! I could never go against the opinions of the readers of tiddy.com. Initially I was a little embarrassed parading around basically nude, but I've gotten over it. Let's face it--tan fat looks better than pale fat. So as the days go on, I get better looking!

After the last time we visited Hilton Head, Mister Ferguson and I vowed we would never return. He likes waves in the ocean and this beach has little to offer in that department. However, I think that anywhere is a great time when you are with your friends. The house we are staying in is gorgeous and I spent the entire day floating in our pool on a raft reading a Jodi Picoult novel and listening to NWA on my iPod. HEAVEN!

The bride and groom have had little time to spare as they have been running around getting a marriage license and making last-minute preparations for the big day. It reminds me of my own beach wedding two years ago. I was frantic the whole time while all of my friends were living it up on vacation all week. ASSHOLES! It's so nice to go to a beach wedding that isn't your own!

The rest of the week is packed with many activities including a golf outing, beach party and BOOZE CRUISE! I haven't been on one of those since Cancun '97. That one was NOT a pleasant experience! The seas were rough that day and there were a lot of sick passengers (including Tiddy). I'm looking forward to a more mellow experience this time around!

I will update tomorrow. Love, Tiddy F.

PS...I think I overdosed on Spicy Doritos today


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Unknown said...

I am very happy to see Tiddy is here again to give us her perspective on life. Welcome back!!! Dr. Hennessy