Friday, April 15, 2011

Something Old, Something New

Despite the fact that only has two public followers and zero of you mofos comment on my posts (READ please start commenting on my posts), I am continually shocked to see that an average of 900 people read my blog monthly. The beauty of (the program I use to create this Web site) is that I can see exactly how many readers I have, if they entered the site from a referring URL or what they searched for on Google that led them to Tiddy.

Sadly (or not), the top Google searches are the following:

big tiddys
girls tiddys and but
girls tiddys

If you were looking for porn on Google and you somehow found this site because you can’t spell “titty” correctly, WELCOME! I’m not judging—I’m happy to have you.

Since I’ve started blogging again, I’ve started following other blogs by people who share my common interests—running, mommy-ing, clothes and drinking. I also follow a blog by a very dear high school friend who was both my neighbor and homecoming date. He is a triathlon competitor and the posts detailing his workouts make my marathon training seem like a very pathetic joke. You can find his blog here. Read it when you want to feel like a total lard ass. I’m proud of you, Millhouse.

A blog I have followed for years is skippyhaha, which I stumbled upon through a now defunct site called which sold incredible t-shirts, both new and vintage. Over the years, I have learned fascinating tidbits of info from skippyhaha. For example, did you ever notice that there is a white arrow pointing right between the e & the x in the FedEx logo? Now you know.

In addition to providing entertaining trivia and insights, skippyhaha sells vintage t-shirts on the Internets. Not the poser vintage t-shirts you can find at virtually any store in the mall, but kick-ass shirts that were actually made back in the day. She sent me an AMAZING “Wilderness Waterski” shirt from 1981. They just don’t make them like this anymore. I cannot wait to wear this at the lake this summer while I watch Mister Ferguson wakeboard--from the back of the boat with a beer in my hand.

Thank you skippyhaha for my new favorite shirt! Check out skippy’s blog here and her vintage t-shirt store here.
I also want to send out a humongous thank-you to my girl (and adorable mommy-to-be) AR for sending me a fun surprise in the mail when I returned home from North Carolina this week. I love, love, love these New Balance shoes! I feel like they were made just for me.

More on my trip to North Carolina in the next blog. For now (back by popular demand) I’m going to leave you with another round of actual status updates from my Facebook news feed. My Facebook friends never disappoint!

1. Finding an all natural girl in OC is like spotting sasquatch. It’s either terribly dyed hair, covered in terrible tattoos, have random jewels staple gunned into her face or other body parts or a fantastic combo of all 3. To each their own but I'd rather date pinhead from Hellraiser than some of the talent out here.

2. Lady on the treadmill wearing shades would be pretty lame if she didn't just run like 20 miles.

3. I’m looking for a small, blue, Hello Kitty hair bow... not a blue one with Hello Kitty on it, but one that looks like the one Hello Kitty wears. If you have seen it for sale somewhere please let me know :-) Thank you!

4. Been hunting a racoon(s) most of the far not winning the battle, but..."the only good varmint is a dead varmint, and to beat the varmint you have to think like a varmint...." I will remove the unwanted houseguests, oh yes, I will remove them!!!

5. My nice peaceful neighborhood has been compromised by what appear to be about 10 college freshmen on spring break. It looks like Akon, Young Jeezy and Chris Brown formed a band with Panic at the Disco and are using my neighbors house as a recording studio. If that's todays college man I fear for Americas future.

6. You’re invited to my birthday at Chocolate City. There will b a photograher on site so please Glam up for my party. I will send out the password the day before the party...letz keep it sexy.

7. When you make it difficult for me to stalk your Facebook page, I can't gather enough information to talk about you with others. Work with me, people.

8. Ran into a former co-worker last night. She said I was still pretty but gained weight. Ummm... thanks?


Unknown said...

Proud of you Tiddy,
Your mom (Kiddy)

Brett Miller said...

I've got to step up my game on my FB posts to make it on your highlights! Proud of you too. I can't imagine having a kid and getting back to running a marathon.

skippy haha said...

thank you for the blog-love, tiddy! keep up the good work, i <3 your funny and honest posts!

i linked to your site here today:


Anonymous said...

I found your blog not looking for porn but for a pair of sandals made out of Texas oh 30 years ago or so called Tiddys. Apparently they no longer make them but hey I enjoyed reading. Keep up the running. My daughter is 18 and I couldn't have run a marathon at any time after having here lol. I might be able to now if my old back would cooperate! Enjoy your blogging. I'll check back to see your new stuff!