Wednesday, November 19, 2008

The Gift Horse

I walked into Wal*Mart today and was greeted by an enormous Christmas tree. Is it just me, or does the retail industry continue to push the season earlier every year? LET ME GET THROUGH THANKSGIVING FIRST!

That being said, Tiddy likes to get an early jumpstart on her Christmas shopping. I have a huge family and I like to plan ahead. It beats giving Granny yet another gift set from Bath and Body Works. She is outspoken and has simply told me she will not tolerate another one.

I have spent the past few years searching for the perfect gifts that appear thoughtful and are things that the recipient might actually enjoy. How many times have you picked up a Christmas edition of a magazine that advertises "50 best gifts under 50 dollars" and found nothing worthwhile on the list? Most of the time, I can't believe someone actually got paid to compile such nonsense.

As my early Christmas gift to you, Tiddy is going to give you a list of gifts that are not only dope, but also affordable. With a little planning ahead, you can relax this holiday season and maybe even buy a little something for yourself!


I have given everything on this list at least once. You may be reading this and realize you have received one of the items from Tiddy and/or Mister Ferguson in the past. If you are on my gift list this year, you will probably receive one of these items. If you see something you like, let me know. I would also appreciate any other badass gift ideas from my readers (


1. Address Stampers from Fine Stationery

I swear, I have ordered 20 of these. They have a million designs to choose from, ranging from classy to collegiate (no WVU). It takes about two weeks to receive them and they only cost $40. I personally have one and use it on every piece of mail that goes out of my house. To check them out, click here

2. Luxury Plush Throw from Restoration Hardware

This is no ordinary blanket. I bought it on a whim last year and couldn't be happier. Mister Ferguson and I fight over it every night. Every person who visits our house ends up buying one. I just sent one to Dicky for his birthday. SURPRISE DICKY! My friend Clark said "it was like when they put the lead blanket over you when you get X-Rays at the dentist, but not in a bad way." It's warm, it's comforting and best of all, you can throw it in the washer and dryer and it comes out looking the same. To check it out, click here

3. Personalized Gingerbread House by Williams-Sonoma

This is best for a boss with a family or a co-worker...someone like that. It really makes an impression. Last year, I was sending one from LL Bean, but they really jacked the price up this time around. Luckily, I was able to find an alternative at Williams-Sonoma. To check it out, click here

4. Chanel Exceptionnel Mascara

This is a good one for the ladies. It's a small package that packs a big punch. This is probably the best mascara on the planet. If you have a friend that you want to buy a little something for, this is a gift they will truly enjoy. My friend just bought me one for my birthday and I am blown away daily by the way it makes my lashes look. To check it out, go to any Chanel counter or click here

5. Personalized Beverage Tub from Lillian Vernon

If you know ahead of time you are going to be invited to a holiday party, order this big drink tub with the host's last name engraved on it. When you are ready to go to the party, fill it up with ice and beer/booze and take it with you. Drink all the booze and leave behind a lovely tub that can be enjoyed for parties to come. If you're in a time pinch and crafty, you can buy a steel tub at the craft store and make your own with paint markers. If not, you can check it out here

6. Ice Luge kit

This is a huge tray that makes a pretty decent ice luge. It also comes with a stand. If you went to WVU, you know that ice luges were a staple at pretty much every frat party and really liven things up. Now you can have one whenever you want! To check it out, click here

7. Shot Glass Ice Tray

Picture this...You're entertaining at home, and everyone wants a shot (happens all of the time). Rather than serve spirits from your tired, mismatched collection, you amaze everyone and serve Orange Stoli out of shot glasses made completely from ice! These are amazing and always a conversation piece. I always have them in the freezer just in case. To check them out, click here

8. Random WVU items

a. Underwear (click here)

b. Mountaineer Mr. Potato Head (click here)

c. Coonskin Hat (click here)

d. WVU Garden Gnome (click here)

That's all I've got! Hope it helps! Love, Tiddy F.



Anonymous said...

Dear Tiddy,
I need some advice and I thought that you would be the perfect person to ask! I am going to my boyfriend's grandparents house for Christmas Eve to meet them and the whole family for the first time. Obviously, I wouldn't want to show up empty-handed. Any suggestions on what to bring besides the typical bottle of wine? Thanks Tiddy!

Anonymous said...

Your gift ideas are exceptional. Here are few other websites and gift ideas that Lacey whips out around the holidays: is something for everyone for monogrammed items for children for holiday party decorations holiday treats and candies. both my Grannies "Dessert of the Month" club memeberships last year. Perfect gift ideas for people who have everything!

Lacey also feels its important to not just put any old bag of wine in a christmas themed wine bag and hand it over to a host.
Around the holidays, it's important to maintain and exude class.
Do not bring crap you wouldnt drink and regift it to someone else.
Lacey's Acceptable Booze Gift Ideas:
Veuve Champange
Johnny Walker Blue
Patron Silver
or, Lacey's personal favorite

Anonymous said...

Amen to that sista!